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Art critics who wrote about Monica:

Franco Corradini - Bruno Gandola - Alberico Sala - Ugo Maffi - Carlo G. Munari Antonio Leccardi - Luigi Albertini - Giancarlo Cerri - Franco Migliaccio - Siro Brondoni Amedeo Anelli - Gabriele Albanesi - Raffaele De Grada - Susanna Zatti - Rossana Bossaglia - Patrizia Ferrari - Luisa Bergomi - Aldo Caserini.


From her solid rapport with the printing techniques and monotyping, the artist realizes pictorial works in mixed technique, bringing out an informal poetics that reaches towards an ongoing communication among matter, light and colour, with an "imaginificent redemption" of second-rate and recycled materials. It is a cultured painting which bears in mind, with an additional release, 20th century traditions.

Amedeo Anelli

In the world of artistic production, there are personalities whose ability to identify with the fantastic and emotional spheres of great artistic expressions (both past and present) constitutes a foundation and a deep motivation; actually, absorbing their poetic humus and the cultural climate with an innate virtue, an unthinkable intensity and a breath of past times, they also experience, to a certain degree, creative passion. That "passion" becomes a concrete adherence and a more than founded motive to "wed" art, almost out of existential necessity. Well, the initial personal performance goes subtly from imitating to creating, neither to emulate nor to pay tribute, but with the wish to reactivate values and out of the need to resuscitate the echoes and the substances that do not understand why they have to fade, deteriorate, end up far away in the stereotypes of some manual-like pages. That of Monica Anselmi is such a personality: to her, artistic work means adherence by vocation, a vocation for an ever lasting art... The short breath accompanying the first steps turns into a steady breathing, substantiated with an awareness which establishes some certainties, like being certain to understand the internal laws of artistic acting combined with the ability to move internally, freely and confidently.... Monica's entire output is a path, a passage, a landing and a departure. Because the world is full of places to revisit, to "breath in" and to revitalize.

Carlo G. Munari

In her etchings, the artist prefers to reconsider her victories. Instead of leaving the green table as soon as a beautiful print turns up, she increases the stakes, changes the colours, the pitches and the etchings to multiply her fortune and to add more life to her papers. There is a certain fury, a powerful "will of content", a passion for the metier. Monica's overall involvement is a sign of a daily religio of the struggle of life, of a love. "Art does not represent things visible on earth, but reveals the reality that is behind visible things" (Klee).... Painting is a life sentence to sensibility. Monica is serving it, happily, forever.

Franco Corradini

A sensitive artist who assigns colours the task to evoke states of mind and pass emotions. Monica's colours are intense, grainy, dense, at times "atmospheric", but always markedly pure and squeaky clean. In the furrow of Informal Art, essentially profound, the Artist weaves its chromatic weft to take us, through the main door, into a vibrant world of infinite emotions, created with a pictorial matter, sensitive and bright, laid with decision and in wide, instinctive gestures.

Franco Migliaccio