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Home: 172, Via XXV Aprile, Chinolo Po, (PV)

Studio: 1/A, Via Bonetti, Chinolo Po, (PV)

Tel. 0382 76159
Fax 0382 766531

E-mail: info@monicanselmi.it

Monica Anselmi was born in Milan, 15th July 1962. After the artistic-vocational lyceum (Liceo Artistico I) in Milan, she obtained her degree in Painting from the Brera Fine Arts Academy (Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera), in the Graphics class of Pietro Diana, in 1984.

From 1985 to 1986 she followed specialization courses in chalcography and lithography at the International Centre of Graphic Art (Centro Internazionale della Grafica) in Venice.

In 1990, Monica obtained a degree in Religious Sciences in Pavia. Certified to teach Drawing, Art History and Painting Disciplines, she works as a teacher of Art and Image, in permanent post.

Monica has taught Drawing and Art History in public and private secondary schools in Pavia and Chromatology at the Scuola Cova in Milan. She currently educates at Painting courses and Art History seminaries at the AR.VI.MA., Arti Visive Marabelli, in Pavia.

She is also involved in the activities organized by the Public Health Institute (ASL) of Pavia and the CPS in Stradella, as an art therapist.

In 1999-2000 she participated actively in the project "Image Teaching in Kindergartens and Obligatory Schools", implemented by the Department of Education of the City Administration of Pavia and run by Gabriele Albanesi.

In 1989 Monica published the graphic book "Eight artists for Christmas" for Lodigraf from Lodi, presented by A. Sala, and in 1993 she etched an aquafortis for the exhibition of the Palio, also in Lodi; her print works have been published by "Torchio de Ricci" of Pavia, for whom she etched "Tribute to Klee".

In the recent years she has worked intensively on her Artist's Book, to which she dedicated numerous publications.

Starting from 1982, she has taken part in numerous group exhibitions and had quite a few solos; her works are housed in the Town Hall, the Church of S.Lorenzo and the Library in Chignolo Po, the Lions Club in Milan and in S.Colombano al Lambro (Milan), the Town Hall in Magenta and in Cavenago Brianza. Samples of her "Artist's Book" are in the Workshop 66 (Laboratorio 66), run by Gino Gini and Fernanda Fedi in Milan.